PRO LINK from Pro Suspension Components Inc.

PRO LINK from Pro Suspension Components Inc.

Get Hooked Up with the NEW pat pending PROLINK, a true bolt on 4 link type suspension system for your Mustang or Fox bodied car!

Bolt this upper control arm system to any Fox bodied Ford that has an 8.8 rear end. NO WELDING REQUIRED!

This pat pending UPPER control arm kit will replace your factory upper non adjustable control arm system and make it fully adjustable just like a true 4 link. Change your instant center and pinion angle to get optimum traction and weight transfer. Increase your ETs and get better 60 foot times immediately!

This system is legal in all classes as it is a BOLT ON system and no changes are made to the chassis.

Track tested and able to withstand up to 2000 horsepower. 

Great for Nitrous cars to control wheelstands or adjustable for cars that have traction issues...just adjust the 4 link bars to put more bite in or take bite out. Simple and PROVEN suspension technologies used in racing for years.
Buy it for $ 249.00!

Comes with detailed installation instructions with ALL hardware pictured and required.  Easily modifyable for use with anti roll bars. Completely BOLT ON and Legal !

"The best kept secret in suspension upgrades " Archie Marasco

"Made my suspension tunable unlike other upper control arm kits " Billy Smith

"A true double adjustable control arm that WORKS !"  JD Myer

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Real Speed Parts / RSP Racing      727-446-8081  walter



Pictured is the New Pro LInk upper control arm system with the Pro Bar stiffening crossmember ( optional upgrade for $ 99.95 )

Bolt It On and Hook Up!

Buy it Today for $ 249.00 plus shipping and handling.
Pro Suspension Components Inc.
patent pending 2003